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Claim Process

Preparation of an SR&ED claim involves completing the required tax forms and schedules and incorporating the claim into your corporate income tax return.  In certain cases it requires filing an amendment to an already filed tax return.

At the end of your Fiscal Year our consultant will meet with you to discuss the technical details of eligible work and collect the relevant financial records.  Using this information we will then prepare the technical narrative and complete the required forms and schedules.  Prior to submission, we will meet with you to review the claim and make sure that we have properly captured your work.  Once you’ve approved the claim, we will then co-ordinate with your accountant to complete the filing.  In most cases, the SR&ED claim is filed jointly with your Corporate Tax return and you should receive the tax credits within 120 days of filing.

In the event that your claim is selected for further review by the CRA, we will develop a claim defense strategy, which with our assistance, will help you organize and present the supporting evidence for your claim to the CRA.  We will attend any necessary on-site CRA visits and take care of any and all communications with the CRA.  We will stand beside you until the successful acceptance of your claim.